Gearing up for tomorrow

I think we are almost ready to go for Grandma C’s funeral tomorrow morning.

  • My professor was so gracious in allowing me to move my test to another day.  I will be taking it on Monday instead.
  • I have called someone to look in on Oden while we are gone – hopefully they can do it!
  • My church’s music minister is helping to find some music for the songs I will be singing (“I’ve Got a Mansion” and “Just a Closer Walk with Thee“)
  • My dad got his on call shift covered (hooray!) so we can leave tonight after work instead of at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow morning. 
  • I am leaving work early today to get some stuff done at home and get packed for the quick trip.  I hope I have some time to warm up my voice as well!

I hope all goes well at her funeral tomorrow.  I really hope my nerves and emotions don’t get the best of me when I am singing. I hope we can honor her in the best way possible.  

I didn’t know my Grandma all that well, but I do know that she was an independent woman with strong opinions.  She liked her chair, food and TV just so.  She was never one to hold back on complaints, but would always thank you for doing something.  She had a great smile and a genuine desire to know about you.  She loved getting pictures and shared them with anyone that came by to visit. 

 She would talk fondly about her life with my grampa (who passed away 23 years ago) and the farm they ran with my mom, aunts and uncles.  She loved to go to the same places in her small town for lunch and kept a police scanner on constantly to keep track of the events in town.  I think she was happier when she moved to the nursing facility last year as she was able to spend more time with her friends.  She seemed more upbeat when we came to visit her right before Christmas.  I hope to see her in heaven when I arrive someday – walking normally with a straight back and a big smile. 

I love you, Grandma.

At her 90th Birthday Party last year

At her 90th Birthday Party last year


2 thoughts on “Gearing up for tomorrow

  1. Thanks for your nice tribute to my Mom: a good characterization of her. You sang beautifully at her funeral. Were you nervous? I loved having the congregation sing along on I’ve Got a Mansion. Most funerals you don’t get to participate.
    I love your website and knowing the value of the different foods. Your Feb calendar is one day off (Feb 1 starts on Sunday) : ) I only noticed because I consult mine so much to see where I’m supposed to be – up or down? Love, Your Mom

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