A sabbatical from Facebook

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent.  There are many different interpretations of how Lent should be celebrated, but for me, it means that I give up something that has taken over my subconscious, time and attention. I give up something that may seem monumental to me, but in terms of what Jesus Christ gave up for us is nothing.  However, by giving up that thing, it helps me to refocus my heart, which is what truly dictates my words and actions. 

So this year I am giving up Facebook.  Why?  Because I am obsessed!!  Mostly with the games (Word Twist, Scramble, and Biggest Brain), but I also have a desire to read everyone’s status update.  I think I spend about an hour, sometimes more, a day on FB.  It’s taking time away from my husband, my dog (who I could be walking more), my studies and with God – whether in prayer or reading. 

Last year I gave up The Nest – an internet chat board that I frequent.  I was finding that I wasn’t able to disassociate myself from the site for days at a time, that I was bending my morals to fit in and that I was glorifying some people more than I should have.  Plus, I needed to spend more time with my friends that I had a deeper connection with.  It was so worth it – now I have a healthier view of who I am and more confidence in the things I truly believe in.  I still frequent the board, but am not as obsessed as I was before (I had to read every single post and refreshed the page about every minute!!). 

So here is to a refreshing and renewing experience of the heart and mind!! 🙂


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