Orange you glad??

Sorry I have not posted in a while; with Easter cooking and studying for a lecture exam tomorrow, I have been pretty stretched!  I will have some recipes from Easter posted soon and there is a good, guilty-pleasure dessert in the mix. 🙂

 But, while I was peeling my orange today, I thought back to a conversation I had a couple of weekends ago with the husband while he was eating his orange rind.  It’s a familiar habit of his and in response to my mom’s question of why he ate it, he responded, “I think it’s actually pretty good for you!”  Oh, that ubiquitous statement that can mean so many things. 


So I decided to look it up.


And it is pretty good for you! It contains fiber and pectin, which is a carbohydrate that helps out the healthy bacteria that are in your intestine. These Pectin particles also prohibit the growth of food-born pathogens by not allowing them to stick in your colon. 

Side note:Did you know that you have 10 bacteria to every 1 of your cells in your body??  Sorry, should have warned the germaphobes first that most of them are where they should be.

If you are reading this and thinking, “She seriously wants me to eat the peel of the orange for good health?”, you are right.  Well, maybe not completely, but it couldn’t hurt to try it!  And if you need a little distraction from the dry bitter taste that ensues, try making chocolate covered orange peels ala Smitten Kitchen.  You know, ’cause sugar makes everything taste awesome.  (Although, I think all of the nutrients get cooked out when boiled.  Oh well)

To your health!


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