Cookbook Giveaway!!

I love this cookbook.  It has awesome recipes and helpful information about all kinds of food.

I love it so much that I want to give one away!! This is just me being generous, Ellie Krieger only knows me as the girl that e-mailed her once to comment on a recipe. If anything, she thinks I’m weird.

So what do you have to do??  Well, I would really like it if you mentioned my blog to someone, but, I figure you’ll do that since I’m giving something away anyways.  So, just leave a comment on this post, answering the following question:

What nutritional item do you want to learn about the most?
It can be something in the recent news, something that you’ve always wondered about or just a random comment.

Whatever you say, leave your comment here before 11:59 pm Friday, April 24th.

I will choose randomly from the comments and let you know the winner by Saturday afternoon!

Contest is still going! I meant to put midnight on Friday, but wrote it wrong. Keep the comments coming in – I am loving the ideas!


19 thoughts on “Cookbook Giveaway!!

  1. I just recently found your blog and love it! I made your granola bars for a gathering I have tonight (yum) – thanks for the recipe!

    What I’m interested in right now is finding recipes that will incorporate more calcium into my diet without depending on dairy – any ideas?

  2. I would like to know your thoughts on diet foods vs. non diet foods

    butter vs. margarine
    sugar vs. artificial sweetener
    cheese vs. fat free cheese
    etc., etc.

    I am interested in the general question: is it better to just eat a small amount of the higher calorie food, or isn’t it?

  3. I’m most interested in learning about flax seed, it’s benefits and how to incorperate it into some meals, baking, etc.

  4. I’d really love to learn more about sweetners. I feel like I know enough about HFCS, but I’d like to learn about fructose/aspartame/stevia/truvia/etc. Even sugar… vs non

  5. I went to this and found the granola bar recipe, as well. I am excited to try them this weekend. What is the difference between raw almonds and almonds?

    Oh – and I would like to know where to get Udon noodles. I don’t know if you know that, but that would help.

    But really, I love veggies, but I just wish I had more recipes/side suggestions. I generally get sick of just eating a salad. Can we spruce it up a litte? And how about an eggplant? Or an artichoke?

    THANKS! I really like this!

    • Well really I’d like you to teach me how to get my child to gain weight, but apart from that I would love protein ideas that aren’t meat (that men will eat!) 🙂

  6. I second ischwab’s request for meatless protein ideas that men will eat. I’d also to know some satisfying, quick, and easy substitutes for a sugar and carb addict. My only lunch options are brown bagging (no fridge, no microwave) or fast food, and it’s too easy to grab whatever’s lying on the kitchen counter.

  7. You already know of my ongoing facination for all info involving Stevia, so I won’t say that…
    I am really interested in your views on “dieting” vs “nutritional eating”… I feel like so many diets aren’t nutritionally sound, like they don’t really give you what you need, tho you might THINK you are seeing positive results..
    AND – I do have you linked to the menu blog, and have to stop myself from doing a “stolen moment” post about all of your recipes! I love to tell friends about your blog – Keep up the informative great work!

  8. I’m interested in nutritional info for kids. For example, I have a hard time knowing what & how much a 9 yr old (who’s growing FAST) should eat. I am constantly guessing.

  9. I would be interested in Jes’s comment about getting kids to eat. Except my daugher is 1 1/2. She has become very limited on what she will eat. So I am willing to try anything!

  10. I got this cookbook as a Christmas present and it’s my FAVORITE thing in my WHOLE kitchen! I’ve made multiple recipes out of it and they’ve ALL been FABULOUS!!!

    I love her show on Food Network as well – my random comment is…why don’t they show it at any other time but once a week on Saturday mornings at 6AM?!?!

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