FNCE Wrap Up #2

On Monday, we started off the day with a lovely breakfast for the students hosted by Kellogg’s. Fruit and yogurt parfaits, free coffee, muffins, lots of cereal and did I mention the free coffee? All to convince us that their cereal is the best and top of the pack in nutrition, of course. (This RD2be does like her Kashi, on occasion.)

After breakfast, Lexie (@LexieBoyceRD2Be) and I headed to the session on Packaging Yourself Professionally by Anna Graf Williams, PhD. Biggest takeaway: put your resume in Adobe format. No formatting or privacy gets skewed and nobody gets hurt. Put the Word document down and pick up a Cloud. And back up your computer, people!

After the first session is was more Expo time! First stop, a stop at the Chobani booth to try one of the new flavors: Apple Cinnamon. It was like eating apple pie,  with the cream. Yum! We then headed to The Laughing Cow booth to meet @kerigans and get a signed copy of her new book, The Small Change Diet. While there, this little lady cut in line, but was nice enough to take her picture with me.

What a cow, she was.

We had a moo-velous time meeting each other.

She sure did make me feel home on the range.

After meeting the oh-so-nice Keri Gans and once again getting tongue tied playing it cool, we were off hopping from booth to booth getting more free books, samples and bags. After checking out of the hotel (boo!), we headed back to the Expo and while waiting for Cheryl Forberg’s new cookbook, I stopped by to say hi to Mini!

He was fiberfull. The fibers that ran through him were true. Pass the fiber.

Moving on…

After meeting the wonderful Cheryl Forberg, we headed over to the Strawberry booth to see David Grotto in a strawberry suit. It was berry amazing. And look! The Laughing Cow was there as well.

After more wandering and munching, we headed up to David Grotto and Rebecca Scritchfield’s session of “Be the Brand” about using social media as a tool and knowing what brand you are building for success. Very informative and inspiring!

Unfortunately, I had to leave at this point to get back to my internship with the school district, but I can’t wait for next year in Philadelphia! Who knows where my career will be by then, but one thing’s for sure – I will be an RD.


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