About Megan

I recently graduated with my second bachelor’s in dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado and will be starting my dietetic internship this summer through the same institution.  I created this blog to learn more about food and share recipes that I make.  Most recipes I make are nutritionally dense, but occassionally I throw in something really decadent – it’s your choice to view or ignore the nutritional information on these.  Everybody needs a treat every once in a while!

A small disclaimer: as a dietetic intern I try to do my best to research the foods that I highlight in my blog and correctly share all of the information.  However, I am not a registered dietitian, so any dietary concerns or questions you have should go through your dietitian and/or doctor when evaluating your own diet and needs.  If you find a flaw, typo, or misinformation on any of my posts, please let me know and I will be sure to correct it!


4 thoughts on “About Megan

  1. Hi, Nuts! Love the blog– such beautiful pictures! I too am trying out online learning; I am pursuing my Masters in Public Health Nutrition through the University of Massachusetts, Amherst’s Distance program. It is no walk in the park, either! Best of luck with the degree and blog!

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