Winner, winner; chicken dinner!!

Thank you all so much for all of your wonderful comments. I plan on making a post about every idea as they were all excellent!! There is so much to nutrition, so please keep commenting on what you want to know more about!

Okay, enough of that, you all want to know who won! I put the numbers in the random number generator and this is what came up:

And comment #17 was by MM:

Congratulations, MM!!  I will be sending you an e-mail shortly.

Also, later today I will be posting a recipe for some yummy whole wheat pancakes.  Bet you can’t wait!

Again, thanks for all of the comments.

To your health,



Cookbook Giveaway!!

I love this cookbook.  It has awesome recipes and helpful information about all kinds of food.

I love it so much that I want to give one away!! This is just me being generous, Ellie Krieger only knows me as the girl that e-mailed her once to comment on a recipe. If anything, she thinks I’m weird.

So what do you have to do??  Well, I would really like it if you mentioned my blog to someone, but, I figure you’ll do that since I’m giving something away anyways.  So, just leave a comment on this post, answering the following question:

What nutritional item do you want to learn about the most?
It can be something in the recent news, something that you’ve always wondered about or just a random comment.

Whatever you say, leave your comment here before 11:59 pm Friday, April 24th.

I will choose randomly from the comments and let you know the winner by Saturday afternoon!

Contest is still going! I meant to put midnight on Friday, but wrote it wrong. Keep the comments coming in – I am loving the ideas!